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15 Best Instagram App Tips and Tricks for Threads

Everything related to a conversation is available directly in this app. You don’t have to juggle through various taps to begin a chat.

We all want an app to keep in touch with our close friends only and keep away from others. This Instagram app heard the prayer without even asking for it. Recently, they launched a dedicated app for close friends list known as Threads. Here, you will get to know its tips and tricks.

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The Threads app from Instagram is a messaging app for your close friends. But unlike usual chat apps, here you can choose the people from Instagram that should appear in the app. These people should be added to the close friends list on Instagram. The idea of the app is to make conversations with your BFFs faster.

We have already covered in detail how to use the app. In this post, we will help you to make your conversations quicker with these tips and tricks for the Threads by Instagram app.


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There are two important screens in the Threads app — camera and home screen. To switch between them, Instagram has provided dedicated buttons. But when you are on any one of those screens, you can switch to the other quickly by simply swiping down. The gesture is similar to the one that you use for reloading in Chrome or Snapchat, i.e., pull down from top to bottom.

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