10 Best Online Colleges for 2016-2017


    Best Online Colleges

    Online two-year and four-year colleges represent some of the most affordable ways to enter higher education. Academic programs at the two-year level provide a solid foundation in the liberal arts and basics within certain major paths.

    Vocational programs take a more career-oriented track, helping students acquire specific skills they can apply on the job day one. Beyond the material itself, many junior and community colleges and universities have embraced online learning, opening their doors to a more inclusive student body – from working professionals and stay-at-home parents to those who may not be able to commute to a physical campus. The following two-year and four-year colleges offer some of the best combinations of online program volume, breadth, and affordability available today. See who stands out for 2016-2017.

    1 .University of Southern California

    An online education earned at with the University of Southern California will give graduate students the tools to take charge of their futures and succeed in their field of choosing.

    Graduate students at USC have the option to either earn their master’s degrees or a graduate certificate to further specialize their employment marketability. In addition to providing specialized learning to students who are looking to advance their current employment positions, USC also works with students who are looking to change careers. Qualifying students will also have the option to lighten their financial burden with financial aid packages.

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