Exclusive Interview With Nigeria’s Fast Rising Singer & Songwriter ‘Dolche’ (All You Need To Know About Him)

Here we present to you the Exclusive Interview With Nigeria’s Fast Rising Singer & Songwriter ‘Dolche’. The next budding artiste you all should watch out for.

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Thank you Dolche For coming through.

So for the record what’s your name?

I am Okafor chinyeaka favor Brian

Stage name is Dolche.
I’m from Enugu state born and raised in port harcourt, currently based in Ibadan I relocated to Ibadan a while ago ,initially I was shuttling back and forth to write songs for some upcoming artistes and some top dogs in the scene but you know the rule as a ghost writer you remain ghost. I had to choose Ibadan because its closer to Lagos compared to shuttling PH to lag or Ibcity.

How much do you charge for a song?

Hmmm..I’ll say 100k above never less.

Are you signed to a record label

I’m my own record label ,I’m pushing myself for now.

Seriously you aren’t signed, With all your mad freestyle?

By the way I watched your freestyle at a house party
I envisioned you doing a song with jay z ,Drake ,phyno ,vector all together ..cypher from the underground like is hadies talking
That line got me.

So what’s the meaning of Ree?

Well Re is my ultra ego
My inner man.

Did you just say you have a multiple personality, Like those Yankee artiste would always claim?

Yea. but I think I can explain that another day ..

So tell me about your music career, So real quick how long have you been in music?

Well as a songwriter many years
But artiste 4years

And during these four years did you release songs .

Yes I did miss koikoi and ileeke

So when I first met you I heard Dolche and I wondered who the artiste was ,I didnt know Nigerians could trap like that ,and coming from a stranger it made me ponder more ..I give em somen cool make em root out the cheese ,make em call me baby even though am no more a kid oh. Afambu Dolche.

Haha crazy man ,omg I didnt know someone still has the lyrics in his head omg.
Followers, Friends.

Seriously you have a cool vibe ,I kept wondering why you could have a present sound 4years ago yet you didnt promote the song..

Well should I answer or was that rhetorical question



Well I was waiting for the perfect time ,I didnt know I was making a mistake ,I started traping long before the genre was ever popular ,you Ying yang twins ,David banner ,Gucci Maine TI influenced me a lot.

Yea yea ,you really are a music head I only know TI and gucci Maine hmmmm ying yang twins hmm.

Okay so tell us more about your music!

Like what would you like your fans to know about your music, genre and style

Well first I’ll like to say as a person I listen to all kinds or genre of music ,rap ,hip hope indie, Jamaican Dancehall as long as it has good rythem melody and lyrics so I’m constantly subconsciously influenced by These sounds. I prefer to be known as music I know the popular saying Jack of all trade master of known well in poetry I know jacks of all trades last longer ..for instance Aristotle, divincii, Akon, Drake, J cole.

To me, my sound transcends genre, I work with my mood or that of people around me you know their life experiences. I let my emotion guide me ,weather I’m doing reggae, rnb ,hip-hop, trap, I also let myself evolve. So my fans should not expect the same sound because no human has the same mood every minute sometimes I’ll feel like going cray cray party jam is born or, sometimes offer solution or feeling like reasoning as reasoning man wey i be ,offer advice through my song. I think I’ll be happy to hear that a person made it because of my lyrics or someone beat cancer, or someone quit suicidal attempt because of my lyrics I’ll do bad but I’ll try to do good depending on the times.

Now I see why you say you are outta the box kind of artiste

So tell us about your single

Its titled ‘Where’

Where is an afro hip hop sound produced by matzbeat ,cool guy by the way hes very natural easy to work with if you one is willing to learn ,song has highlife strings played by aghali
Basically its a song of victory joy ,gratitude and motivation all packed in one.

Please can you sing a part of it so we can hear what it sounds like!

Nah nah nah. I think 19 of sept 2019 is too far its just two days away

Sneaky, nice one.
I belief you sha

I want to ask you your take on your own song as an artiste.
You think say the song go blow?

Let’s watch and see God do his thing.

You just don’t want to brag abi

Somen like that plus we nor dey talk too much.

What’s your advice for fellow upcoming artiste regarding writers block and songwriting?

I’ll say promote your shit like your life depends on it ,use all the mediums available ,do research and don’t forget to pray ,pray is the key …
When an artiste has writers block the artiste should try listening to other artiste who he admires and who he doesn’t admire, See respect artiste who don blow there’s something they know ,go on a trip ,visit a friend who loves music
Observe peoples reaction over a particular song this naturally lifts the writers block

Highly spiritual. applauds!

Have you ever had writers block?

Yes I do ,when get too distracted by unimportant things
When I’m I can’t connect with my inner man Re

Oh Re the a ultra ego you ,

Tell us a little about him.

Ree is the songwriter & Dolche is the artiste.

I can freestyle mad but if I’m connected to Re. FAM I must confess after I’m done people tell me what I said and I hmmm that’s strange
Some say I rap like nypsey hustle drake n joe Cole together ..lol thats Re messing around ..

Who would you say influenced you?

Bob Marley.
The dream
Harrel kok
Star gates

The list is so long as I have as an artiste and songwriter

So are you planning on staying or disappearing again?

Nah I’m all in ,its smooth sailing from here on. I’m here to stay.

Well said,
So on 19th of September is the d day for official release your track titled ‘Where’?


Thank you so much for dropping by, I wish you a beautiful stay in the industry. Hope to see you soon.

Thank you Charles.

His new track titled ‘Where’ drops on the 19th of September 2019. I guess its a Mad Jam!

freenaija com exclusive interview with nigeria s fast rising singer amp songwriter dolche all you need to know about him 01

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You all should watch out for this new talent.

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