How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Original

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Majority had fallen into the trap of buying a Refurbished, or Replacement phone in place of a new one. But as we speak, i will be showing you 3 unrevealed ways to check if your android phone is original.

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What to look for on Your Phone?

At a glance, it’s going to be possible to ascertain whether or not you’ve been given a used or refurbished phone. explore for the following:

Was the whole lot in the box?

Were there any accessories or manuals missing?
Was it in its original retail box or was it packaged in another way?

Look for scuffs, scratches, dents, and other physical marks that didn’t come from you, obviously
Use the serial number to examine condition status on the manufacturer’s website (this works for Apple devices especially)
Cheap or loose casing round the back or edges of the device

The good part is this ways can work for iphones as properly.

ways can work for iphones as well.

How can i check if this android phone is original?

Users of Android smartphones can easily judge phone’s originality with IMEI number.

Step 1: You can dial *#06# on your phone to get your IMEI number. Also, you’ll get it by going to Settings>About Device>Status.

Step 2: Once you get the IMEI, go to, input the number on the dialog box and hit Check

Step 3. The system will automatically phone’s information. If it shows something else than what your phone is saying, it is more likely to be a fake brand.

However, quite a lot of things we don’t really know or put our minds to with regards to checking if our Android phone is original, but with this post, i’m sure someone’s search need has just been met.

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