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Fast 10 Steps to Follow When Cleaning a Mouse Scroll Wheel

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At the point when Cleaning a Mouse Scroll Wheel, maintain your business from a solitary personal computer, your gear will undoubtedly give indications of mileage following continued use.

Furthermore, anyway clean you keep your work area, the rubber scroll wheel on the top of your mouse will get trap dust, nourishment morsels, and hand oils. A fast cleaning session will help save the life of your mouse, and furthermore keep your parchment bars moving easily.

Steps to follow When Cleaning a Mouse Scroll Wheel

Take away the mouse out of your laptop.

If the mouse runs on battery energy, take away the batteries earlier than persevering with.

Flip your mouse over

in order that the underside faces upward. Find the small central screw that holds the skin the panel of your mouse collectively. Some fashions could have a number of screws as a substitute of a single screw.

Loosen and take away the screw

with a jeweler’s screwdriver. Set the screw apart in a protected place. Flip the mouse again over.

Pull again on the highest panel of your mouse

then gently raise upward to take away it. The scroll wheel, together with the internal circuit board, shall be uncovered. Word how the scroll wheel rests on its plastic meeting, as that is the way it ought to look whenever you exchange it after cleansing.

Grasp the plastic meeting

Two springs will prolong from both facet of the scroll wheel. Pull upward on the meeting to take away the wheel and the two connected springs.

Maintain your can of compressed air

Four inches from the scroll wheel and surrounding assembly. Fire short bursts of air at both side of the wheel, dispersing all seen dust and dirt. Proceed till the appears to be like fully clear.

Immerse the tip of a cotton swab

In isopropyl alcohol. Run the tip of the swab across the circumference of the wheel, cleaning away oily buildup and filth. Permit the wheel to dry fully.

Change the plastic assembly

Within the middle of your open mouse. A small click on shall be heard as soon as it’s seated accurately.

Fit the top panel back over the top of the mouse

Flip the mouse over and exchange the screw. Tighten the screw till it’s comfortable.

Check the mouse to make sure correct operate


Things Needed

  • Jeweler’s screwdriver
  • Compressed air
  • Cotton swabs
  • Isopropyl alcohol


  • Don’t ever you work on a mouse that is connected to a power source.

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